Numbing cream of TKTX

A tattoo is considered a  fashion statement and people of all ages from teen to old age more often take a tattoo. Most people know that putting a tattoo can be a painful procedure and that’s why numbing creams like TKTX have been invented. The needles of the tattoo artist press into your skin and a work of art is created for life. Even though the tattoo artists believe that pain is a part of tattooing, they are open to TKTX numbing creams.

TKTX is an anesthetic ointment that can be applied to the skin to suppress the pain of tattooing. TKTX is an numbing cream that is used all over the world and that works effectively against pain. People who have a low pain threshold are in this way are sooner persuaded to have a tattoo.

For other applications such as permanent make-up, tattoo removal with laser, hair removal with laser, waxing, lipfillers, microblading, TKTX can be used.


Original and approved distributor TKTX

We are a recognized distributor of TKTX and sell only original creams, do not take risks with cheaper versions of Ebay or Wish – These can cause serious burns and numb maximum 45min. You can find more information under our ‘most frequently asked questions’ section

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No eBay or Wish counterfeit. 100% Original  TKTX